Addition to Website: Puppetry!

Puppets are one of the many visually stunning elements in the show. I have compiled a brief history of Britain’s puppet theatre as well as puppet styles from around the world that may have influenced the puppets in our show. Links to YouTube videos that demonstrate the charm, complexity, and variety of puppet shows are included, an an interactive game may soon appear. Click here to check the page out!

I have also updated the Activities, Further Readings, and Bibliography page by moving extra activities and readings to the top as well as including contents and links to subjects for easier navigation.


Updates Abound!

Here’s what’s new to the website today:

  • Added information near the end of J.M. Barrie’s biography
  • Added a brief look at Edwardian history
  • Added Peter Pan production history
  • Added smaller segments that go into more detail on pantomimes and the Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • A bibliography for all cited sources is in the works and should be available within the next couple of days.

Pirate name quiz now live!

I have created a pirate quiz to create a personalized pirate name, purely for fun! The format is slightly inconvenient in that there are four separate quizzes to take The good news is that a partial name can be created, and each quiz will open in a new window. A name is asked before taking each quiz, but even a simple “A” will suffice. There was much difficulty trying to find a free quiz that was even close to what I wanted. And of course I wasn’t going to pirate “free” software 😉

Please enjoy!

Site Update

We now have some exciting pages to check out! More pages, information pieces, and activities are on their way and will soon be posted, so be sure to check back on a regular basis! Never hesitate to leave comments, questions, or even random adventure thoughts on any page.

Site Construction

Welcome to the dramaturgy page for San Diego State’s production of Peter Pan and Wendy. This will soon be the place to find  in depth information about the play and our production. Pages, photos, and possibly interactive activities will soon unravel in this space, so keep checking back!