Reviews are in!

People have raved about Peter Pan and Wendy’s first weekend run through social media and word of mouth, and even in journalism! Read the Daily Aztec review by David Dixon here!


Music Video

Check out the amazing music video featuring an originally composed song by SDSU alumni Thomas Hodges and visual teasers about the show:

Captain Hook causing havoc

While the designers and tech side of the show work with actors to enhance the story with spectacle, Captain Hook decides to cause trouble:


Addition to Website: Puppetry!

Puppets are one of the many visually stunning elements in the show. I have compiled a brief history of Britain’s puppet theatre as well as puppet styles from around the world that may have influenced the puppets in our show. Links to YouTube videos that demonstrate the charm, complexity, and variety of puppet shows are included, an an interactive game may soon appear. Click here to check the page out!

I have also updated the Activities, Further Readings, and Bibliography page by moving extra activities and readings to the top as well as including contents and links to subjects for easier navigation.


Creating Neverland

In the photo below, lighting is being adjusted to find the best feel and look for Neverland.