One Pirate’s Journey

Pirating isn’t all about high sea adventuring and treasure hunting. Pirates have to work hard to walk the walk and talk the talk! Check out one pirate’s dedication to his role:


Publicity Photos!

Here are a couple images from our production and Neverland:

Wendy and Lost Boys greet Peter Pan

Wendy and the Lost Boys

Rehearsal Oct. 24

Mermaids came out tonight to dance, play, sing, and entrap men and lure men them to the bottom of the sea while Pirates and Lost Boys sharpened up their sword fighting skills.

Later, the Pirates tried to tempt Tiger Lily with a cake baked by Captain Hook. Tiger Lily was taken and tied up to Marooner’s Rock while the tide began to rise.

Fun and Focused Play Time Last Night!

Last night (Tuesday) was the first time where actors and most of the band worked together on songs. For warm ups, actors blended fun and focus together through vocal exercises and ended in creating an amazing calypso (a musical style influenced by jazz that uses improvised vocals and sounds). Clapping, snapping, stomping, and vocals were a few of the “instruments” culminated in the piece. Not often will pirates, lost boys, and other residents get along so well!

Updates Abound!

Here’s what’s new to the website today:

  • Added information near the end of J.M. Barrie’s biography
  • Added a brief look at Edwardian history
  • Added Peter Pan production history
  • Added smaller segments that go into more detail on pantomimes and the Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • A bibliography for all cited sources is in the works and should be available within the next couple of days.

Pirate name quiz now live!

I have created a pirate quiz to create a personalized pirate name, purely for fun! The format is slightly inconvenient in that there are four separate quizzes to take The good news is that a partial name can be created, and each quiz will open in a new window. A name is asked before taking each quiz, but even a simple “A” will suffice. There was much difficulty trying to find a free quiz that was even close to what I wanted. And of course I wasn’t going to pirate “free” software 😉

Please enjoy!